E1 Treaty Trader & E2 Investor Visa Overview

❝ If your looking to setup a business in the United States, there are some fairly straightforward options available. The E2 treaty investor visa or E1 treaty trader visa is a visa reserved for foreign entrepreneurs of countries that have a 'Treaty of Trade and Commerce' with the United States. These business based visas allows foreign investors to enter and work inside of the United States based on an investment in a bona fide enterprise. ❞

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Business Visa Overview

The Treaty Trader and Treaty Investor visas were established to facilitate and enhance economic interaction between the United States and other treaty countries.

Treaty Trader visas (E-1) and Treaty Investor visas (E-2) are non-immigrant visas for citizens of countries which the United States maintains a treaty of commerce and navigation ( list of countries eligible for visa ). The applicant must be coming to the United States to engage in substantial trade, including trade in services or technology, in qualifying activities, principally between the United States and the treaty country (E-1); or to develop and direct the operations of an enterprise in which the applicant has invested or is in the process of investing a substantial amount of capital (E-2).

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How to Apply for the Visa

The first step is to have the company incorporated. Once thats in place, investors must register their company with the E-Visa Unit at the U.S Embassy in the country they reside. To do this, they submit supporting documents as described in our white paper guide and wait until the company has been reviewed by the Embassy E-Visa Unit. Once the review is complete, the E-Visa Unit will contact the treaty trader or treaty investor to arrange an interview date.

Both treaty traders and investors (owners) and their employees receive the same kind of visa (E-1 or E-2). However, treaty traders/investors and their employees go through different processes to apply for the visas. Find out the entire process and requirements by accessing our detailed guide.

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E-1 Treaty Trader Example

A Singapore based shoe design and manufacturing company has been trading its goods to the United States for the last several years. Over 50% of their international trade takes place exclusively between the United States and Singapore. Over the last year their trade has grown significantly and now they wish to move sales staff permanently to the United States to help increase their trade. The Singapore shoe business, its founders and staff may benefit from an E-1 treaty trader visa.

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E-2 Treaty Investor Example

A successful British investor and tech entrepreneur recently purchased a 75% stake in a startup located in Los Angeles for $250,000. The startup operates at a profit and employs over 20 staff, most of whom are American citizens. If all the conditions for the visa are met, the investor could obtain an E-2 treaty investor visa to oversee the company in the United States. In addition, the investor is able to send over well qualified product managers to the United States to work in the company.

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Most Competitive State Corporate Tax Rates?

Taxation is inevitable, but the specifics of a state’s tax structure matter greatly. The measure of total taxes paid is relevant, but other elements of a state tax system can also enhance or harm the competitiveness of a state’s business environment. It is important to remember that even in our global economy, states’ stiffest competition often comes from other states.

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Filing Documents with State

For step 1 in your company formation, the filling of incorporation documents with the state or federal government is required. As part of our U.S company formation services we will file these documents on your behalf. This is part of our incorporation service.

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Obtaining an EIN Tax ID

An EIN Tax ID is required by the IRS and U.S Banks to track your business associated income and operate your business legally. As part of our U.S business formation services we will obtain an EIN on your behalf. This is part of our incorporation service.

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Registered Agent Services

If you’re forming a corporation or a limited liability company, you’ll need to select a registered agent for your business and provide the agent’s name and address on the formation documents you file with the state. We can provide this service on your behalf. We offer registered agent services in 50 states.

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Bylaws and Resolutions

Bylaws and resolutions are the initial decisions of your corporation’s board of directors and basic "operating rules" of your corporation. As part of our U.S company formation services we will provide initial drafts of these on your behalf. This is part of our incorporation service.

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U.S Business Bank Account

Foreigners (non-U.S. residents) can open a U.S. business bank account for their company. You don’t have to be an American or a U.S. resident to open a business bank account in the U.S. There are 2 main options for foreigners who need to open an account, in person or via an international branch.

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Mail Handling and Forwarding

Aside from the registered agent services for ongoing business operation requirements a U.S address is required to setup your business to receive incorporation documents such as your EIN, business licenses etc. We will provide you an ongoing fixed U.S business address.

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Setting up a Company and Obtaining an E1 and E2 Company Visa in the US