Want to work abroad? Here are 8 digital nomad friendly cities in Asia

By Daniel Tay

With the array of tools and applications that we have at our disposal today, telecommuting is far more realistic a possibility than it was several years ago. And thank goodness for that – nine out of ten workers hate the daily commute to the office, and the last one is a liar. That’s something I just made up, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you immediately believed it. After all, commuters are generally less satisfied with life, view their daily activities as having lesser worth, are less happy, and have higher anxiety than those who don’t commute – at least, according to a report from Britain’s Office for National Statistics.

Suffice to say, most would far prefer to have the freedom to pick where they want to work from. It comes as no surprise then that out of Fortune’s ‘100 Best Companies to Work For in 2013’, eight of the top ten offer telecommuting options. After all, happy workers are better workers, and the science supports it.

And why stop at just working from home when you can work remotely from anywhere in the world? There’s a whole group of people doing just that. These ‘digital nomads’ are a growing breed, and their numbers will only get bigger as more people hop on board the telecommuting express.

So, assuming that logging on to a virtual workplace from the beachside becomes a reality, the next question is: which country should you work from? Thanks to budding digital nomad Pieter Levels, several options are available for the picking at his crowdsourced guide Nomadlist.io, which is his fourth startup since leaving Amsterdam early last year.

According to Levels, almost a thousand people have added to the list since it was launched, and he and his team do constant checks to ensure that the data is credible. “We manually check most data and moderate it. It’s true that many people will add their own cities and fill in the data with a total bias. So we have to correct for that,” he explains.

While the slogan for the website reads, “the best cities to live and work remotely”, Levels admits that the data is currently very much tailored towards nomads looking for low-cost options, though he is looking to find a “middle way” that includes expensive places with great facilities as well.

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