Why London’s Tech Community Is Thriving, Despite Brexit


If you only gauged Britain’s current tech and business climates via media coverage, it would be easy to assume that normal life is on hold there, with startups and corporates waiting nervously to assess the effects of Brexit. However, while EU negotiations may be advancing and retreating like the tide, the general outlook in the tech and development communities is far brighter than typical British springtime weather.

Spending just a few days in London recently, I had the opportunity to get an inside glimpse into the local tech and developer ecosystem. Because I live in Seattle, I’m no stranger to buzzing developer scenes — however I found the community in London to be particularly diverse and engaged, with an estimated 251,144 coders calling the city home.

If my recent trip showed me anything, it’s that “The Silicon Roundabout” and other emerging tech zones around the city never stop moving. And regardless of the political uncertainty to come, instead of going round in circles local players have their gaze set firmly ahead, past the roadblocks and onto future opportunities.

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