myHRA, Inc. – US Entity Formation – Press Release

myHSA, Inc.

We are pleased to announce the incorporation of a US entity for myHSA, Inc.

myHRA US Entity Formation Press Release - An HSA (Private Health Services Plan) is a Canada Revenue Agency approved method to provide medical, dental and vision benefits in a tax efficient manner. A corporation can write off 100% of the costs related to its HSA. All expenses reimbursed are tax-free to the employees.

Tax-free spending account

If an employer does not have a traditional benefits plan, an HSA can be used to provide a complete range of coverage including medical, dental, and vision benefits to employees who otherwise could not get employer sponsored benefits. If an employer has a traditional insured group benefits plan, an HSA can be used to “carve out” infrequently used coverage such as orthodontics or vision care and make these types of benefits available in a Health Spending Account.

• Location of Parent Company: Canada
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About Yondaa, Inc.

Yondaa was formed on the premise that it shouldn’t be complicated to start a business. In an age where job stability is increasingly less secure and more people are opting to find security through entrepreneurial endeavor, we believe that setting up a business should be simple and free of red tape.

That’s why our core service is removing the bureaucratic complexity and packaging company formations into an easily manageable process where clients utilize our online platform to establish a business, so you can spend time thinking about running your business while our technology interfaces with external systems to form your company in the background.

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One Renaissance Tower, 2 N Central Ave - #1800
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Our Phoenix offices: (480) 719-1052
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