US Business Bank Account for Non-Residents

US Business Bank Account for Non-Residents - To open a business bank account as a non-resident in the United States, you have a couple of options depending on where you are in the stage of setting up your company. We partner with financial institutions in the United States who specialize in setting up business bank accounts for non US resident owners of US companies, that we would be happy to introduce you to. To find out more information on banking options for non-residents download our comprehensive services brochure.

US Business Bank Account

There are some challenges that can make finding a good bank in the US difficult for non-residents if you’re in the earlier stages of setting up your US business.

The challenge with banking in the US is that the landscape is constantly changing and regulations are typically focused on the domestic market which makes it unclear how to successfully meet account opening regulations as a non-resident US business owner, especially so from overseas.

That’s why we have partnered with modern technology focused banks that offer banking for US corporations, LLCs and general partnerships to non-resident owners or partners with the ability to setup your account online.

Our partner banking services are currently only available to US business owners who are citizens of the United State, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. We expect new countries to be added soon so reach out if you are located elsewhere.

Catering to Non-Residents

Our banking partners platform includes everything you need to operate your US business, including online banking, mobile applications, Mastercard business debit cards and ACH transfer services.

For our standard and premium package business clients, we will refer you to our bank partners via an online invitation to securely complete your account application online. In order to qualify for a business account via an online application you will need to submit the following documentation;

• Photo ID for the director opening the account (Foreign passport acceptable).
• Articles of incorporation / organization.
• EIN (Federal Employer Identification Number) confirmation letter.
• Proof of business address.
• Bylaws / operating agreement (where applicable).

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- Frequently Asked Questions on our Banking Partners -

  • Do you guarantee bank account setup with your partner banks?

    No - Our partner banks are partners and completely independent entities that operate their own approval policies. We implement compliance guidelines in the companies that we refer to them for bank account setup but it is at their discretion on whether to approve banking services. If we have concerns about the likely-hood our your bank account being approved based on your business we will communicate our concerns to you and may refer you to alternative routes if we believe it is appropriate to do so.

  • Are there any industries that our banking partners dont support?

    Our banking partners are unable to support businesses that deal in providing or exchanging cryptocurrency, privately owned ATMs, money services, unlawful internet gambling, or cannabis / marijuana sales.

  • Who can we refer to our online banking partners?

    Our banking partners will accept application from everyone from freelancers to 100+ person companies. Our partners offer banking for U.S. corporations, LLCs and general partnerships (LLPs). We currently support banking referrals to our partner banks from business owners that are citizens of the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

  • Do you work with other US banks?

    Yes - If our core banking partners are not the right fit, we also have a referral relationship with Silicon Valley Bank for enterprise level customers that are operating in the technology space. You can find out more or apply online for a US bank account for your US business online here.

  • Who is our preferred banking partner?

    Our partner banking provider is an online only bank that caters in providing US business banking services to international clients - We have a referral partnership in place that allows us to invite our clients to register, go through an approval process and apply for a US business bank account in minutes, you’ll have a FDIC-insured business checking account and a Mastercard debit card. Once you add funds to your account, you can use your Mastercard debit card online or offline anywhere in the world, and make payments via ACH, wire and check. You can also receive payments via ACH, wire or check. In order to open an account with our banking partner you will require an invitation from us which will be provided after your company registration process is complete. If you have additional questions on our banking partners please contact us

  • 1. You Pick a State

    Step 1 of our process to get your company registered is to obtain a US business address for your company in the state you wish to set your business up in. We provide this alongside digital mail forwarding services.

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    2. We Incorporate

    Step 2 is to select your entity type and structure and we then file your company with the Secretary of State. We will also obtain an EIN Tax ID from the IRS on your behalf. These filings we process via our legaltech platform.

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    3. Bank Setup

    Once we have your company formation complete and have your articles back from the state, alongside your EIN tax ID IRS letter, we can put you in touch with our banking partners to get your account setup.

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    Identity Notarization

    For step 1 in your company formation, we will use an online notarization service to validate your identity as the company founder or representative. To complete this simple process we use a online notarization platform provided by our partner, NotaryCam, the online notary public.

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    US Business Address

    To open a company in the United States, you are required to have a US business address in the state of incorporation. Once step 1 has been completed, we will obtain a registered business address for you in the state of your company formation. This address serves as a business address and registered mail forwarding address.

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    U.S Business Bank Account

    Foreigners (non-U.S. residents) can open a U.S. business bank account. We have partnered up with an online bank that specializes in providing US banking services to international owners of US companies that we can refer you to.

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    Filing Documents with State

    For step 3 in your company formation, the filling of incorporation documents with the state or federal government is required. As part of our U.S company formation services we will file these documents on your behalf. This is part of our incorporation service.

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    Obtaining an EIN Tax ID

    An EIN Tax ID is required by the IRS and U.S Banks to track your business associated income and operate your business legally. As part of our U.S business formation services we will obtain an EIN on your behalf. This is part of our incorporation service.

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    Registered Agent Services

    If you’re forming a corporation or a limited liability company, you’ll need to select a registered agent for your business and provide the agent’s name and address on the formation documents you file with the state. We can provide this service on your behalf.

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    Bylaws and Resolutions

    Bylaws and resolutions are the initial decisions of your corporation’s board of directors and basic "operating rules" of your corporation. As part of our U.S company formation services we will provide initial drafts of these on your behalf. This is part of our incorporation service.

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    International Docs Delivery

    As part of our service for international clients, where you select the option for a corporate kit, we will deliver your business incorporation documents, EIN tax ID forms and any additional selected supplements to you anywhere in the world as part of our service offering.

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