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If you have any questions on our platform or service, our team would be happy to discuss these with you.

Our main corporate headquarters is located in downtown Phoenix, Arizona and our business hours are from 9am to 5pm U.S MST, Monday to Friday. To schedule a call or consultation, please fill out the contact form below and we will reach out.

Who are we?

Yondaa, Inc. was formed in 2019, on the premise that it shouldn’t be complicated to start a business online in the U.S. from outside the country. In an age of increasing globalization, we believe that setting up a business in the largest free market in the world should be simple and free of red tape. That’s why our core service is removing bureaucratic complexity and packaging company formations into an easily manageable process where clients utilize our online platform to establish a U.S. business.

What do we do?

We provide companies, individuals and entrepreneurs with an online, automated legal-tech platform that provides the ability to setup a company in the U.S. remotely from anywhere in the world. This includes all the necessary periphery services such as obtaining a U.S. business address, filing articles of organization or incorporation with the State where you intend to form your business, obtaining the necessary EIN Tax ID's from the IRS, referring you to our banking partners to have your business bank account setup and ultimately, delivery of your fully incorporated business documents to you, anywhere in the world.

What markets do we operate in?

Our primary market is the U.S. This covers all 50 states and we provide company formation services covering all the main company structures available to non-residents (including LLC, LLP, C-Corp and Nonprofit organizations.

In addition to our primary business in the U.S., Yondaa, Inc. also provides bespoke incorporation services in many international locations around the world. We can handle the full formation of your business from start to finish. If there is a specific location you are looking to establish your business, please contact us.

*Note: Restrictions apply to citizens of countries on U.S. sanctions lists, and individuals barred from operating a US company or corporation.

Headquarter Offices

Yondaa, Inc.
One Renaissance Tower, 2 N Central Ave - #1800
Phoenix, Arizona
United States of America

Phone contacts

  • Phoenix Headquarters: +1 (480) 719-1052
  • San Francisco Sales Office: +1 (415) 802-0759
  • London Sales Office: +44 (748) 080-0205
  • Vancouver Sales Office: +1 (778) 907-6042

Spanish / Español

  • Miami: +1-(786)-461-1700

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