U.S. Company Formations for Non-Residents

U.S. Company Formations for Non-Residents, form a U.S. company from anywhere in the world - Setup a company online today in any of the 50 U.S. States to make your business a reality. Remove the red tape of traditional business incorporation services and form your U.S. company online via-our digital self service legal-tech platform. Our services include everything you need to get your company fully incorporated in the United States.

– How Does Our Service Work? –

We work with you to obtain a U.S. business address and incorporate your U.S. company for you, we then ship your articles of formation and corporate kit to you anywhere in the world

1. You Pick a State

Step 1 of our process to get your company registered is to obtain a U.S. business address for your company in the state you wish to set your business up in. We provide this alongside mail forwarding services.

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2. We Incorporate

Step 2 is to select your entity type and structure and we then file your company with the Secretary of State. We will also obtain an EIN Tax ID from the IRS on your behalf. These filings we process via our legaltech platform.

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3. Bank Setup

Once we have your company formation complete and have your articles back from the state, alongside your EIN tax ID IRS letter, we can put you in touch with our banking partners to get your account setup.

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Utilize our Legaltech Platform to Form a U.S. Company

Our interactive online portal allows you to chose your specific business type, select the state of incorporation and add additional services to your company setup that cover everything from selecting a registered agent, obtaining your EIN tax ID from the IRS, getting stock certificates issues, obtaining your custom minutes and bylaws, issuing membership certificates, obtaining your letter of good standing, issuing annual reports and getting all of these documents delivered to you in a company branded leather binder with a company seal. Incorporate a U.S company online today.

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2023 Corporate Tax Rates?

When deciding to incorporate a company, corporate tax rates are an important consideration. Dependent upon company structure and business model, rates can vary. As of 2019, the US has a restructured corporate tax rate that is extremely competitive for businesses. With a new rate of 19% for C-Corps. rates have not been this competitive for any years.

  • If you have employees, you are responsible for paying employment taxes
  • Self-employed individuals are responsible for paying self-employment taxes
  • There is no federal sales tax in the U.S., but 45 states and thousands of localities levy sales tax

Identity Notarization

In some instances where required, we will use an online notarization service to validate your identity as the company founder or representative. To complete this simple process we use a online notarization platform provided by our partner, NotaryCam, the online notary public. This is not required for citizens of the U.K, Australia and Canada.

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U.S. Business Address

To open a company in the United States, you are required to have a US business address in the state of incorporation. Once step 1 has been completed, we will obtain a registered business address for you in the state of your company formation. This address serves as a business address and registered mail forwarding address.

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Filing Documents with State

For step 3 in your company formation, the filling of incorporation or formation documents with the state or federal government is required. As part of our U.S. company formation services, we will file these documents on your behalf and work with the state to have your company formally and legally registered.

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U.S. Business Bank Account

Foreigners (non-U.S. residents or citizens) can open a U.S. business bank account. We have partnered up with select banks that specialize in providing U.S. business banking services to international non-resident owners of U.S. companies that we refer our clients to as part of our company formation service.

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Obtaining an EIN Tax ID

An EIN Tax ID is your unique company tax identification number that must be obtained from the IRS when a new company is formed. An EIN is required by U.S. Banks to open a business bank account. As part of our U.S. business formation services we will obtain an EIN on your behalf and an EIN confirmation letter delivered to your business address.

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Registered Agent Services

If you’re forming a corporation or a limited liability company in a U.S. state, by law, you’ll need to appoint a 'registered agent' for your business to receive legal mail or summonses. You are also required to provide the agent’s name and address on the formation documents you file with the state. We provide registered agent services in any of the 50 states.

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Bylaws and Resolutions

Bylaws and resolutions are the initial decisions of your corporation’s board of directors and basic "operating rules" of your corporation, as is an 'operating agreement' where the company structure in an LLC and there is membership based control. As part of our U.S. company formation services we will provide initial drafts of these documents on your behalf for you to execute as legally binding documents.

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Document Delivery

After your company is approved by the state and once digital copies of your documents have been provided online, as part of our service for international clients, where you select the option for a corporate kit, we will deliver your business formation documents, company binder and seal and any additional selected supplements to you anywhere in the world as part of our service offering.

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We have been forming U.S. companies for international clients since 2019 from all over the globe, with companies in a diverse array of sectors utilizing our platform to form businesses all over the U.S.

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