Company Formation Packages and Pricing

Our company formation packages provide everything you need to get a U.S. company up and running, from obtaining a U.S. business address in any of the 50 states, to the filling of your articles of formation with the State, obtaining your EIN Tax ID from the IRS, getting you setup with a U.S. business bank account and then delivering your company documents to your preferred destination anywhere in the world via expedited door to door shipping.

Basic Package
Digital Documents Only
Our Basic Company Formation Package
Inclusive of U.S. Business Bank Account*
1-10 Day Processing
US Business Address & Digital Mail**
State Filing of Company Documents
EIN Tax ID Number in 30 days
Meeting Minutes and Banking Resolution
Bylaws or Operating Agreement
Registered Agent Service
Digital Documents via Portal
Includes All State Filing Fees
Digital Documents Only
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Premium Package
Expedited Processing
Our Premium Expedited Package
Inclusive of U.S. Business Bank Account*
2 Day Expedited Processing and Shipping
US Business Address & Digital Mail**
State Filing of Company Documents
EIN Tax ID Number in 30 days
Meeting Minutes and Banking Resolution
Bylaws or Operating Agreement
Registered Agent Service
Share Certificates and Company Seal
Leather Binder with Original Articles
Includes All State Filing Fees
Fedex Delivery Worldwide
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* Note: U.S. business bank account approval subject to ID verification via our online notary service and banking partner approval. More

** Note: U.S. business address service is required to file in state of formation and is charged $50.00 a month recurring

Note: Registered agent service is inclusive in the first year and then charged annually thereafter

Accepted Cards

- Your Corporate Business Formation Kit -

Your official state documents will be delivered in a high quality leather folder with your company name stamped along the spine that includes the following items, when you purchase our 'standard' or 'premium' package.

Binder & Slip Case

Our standard LLC incorporation or corporate kits are handcrafted in the traditional bookbinding method and constructed with heavier materials extra durability and long life. The three-ring mechanisms with double opening and closing boosters allow pages to lie flat and turn easily.

20 Member or Stock Certificates

These elegantly designed numbered security certificates contain your company name and state of incorporation and are printed on the finest security paper available.

Bylaws / Operating Agreement

At no extra charge, your personalized binder will include printed minutes and bylaws or an operating agreement.

Corporate Embossing Seal

Custom 1 5/8 metal die cast pocket seal embosser personalized with your company name , state of formation and date of formation.

Personalized Business Name on Kit

Each quality binder is personalized in gold with your organization name and comes with a matching slipcase.

Transfer Ledger

An 8-page alphabetized transfer ledger is included. A stock transfer ledger is a document in a corporation's record books that is used to keep an accurate record of all of the corporation's stock transactions. It includes the relevant details anytime corporate shares are issued, sold, or otherwise transferred.

Certificate of Good Standing

A State issued certificate of existence and good standing for your company to server as legal verification of the entity.

Shipping to your Door

Your corporate kit alongside your original articles will be shipped to you anywhere in the world via secure, signature upon delivery shipping with a tracking number assigned to your order.

Pricing FAQs

Category: Pricing FAQs

Yes absolutely, we are integrated with a secure payment processor and all payments are encrypted over SSL.

Categories: Banking FAQs, Pricing FAQs

Not in all cases. Our banking partners determine eligibility based on your business type, citizenship of the founders and whether you have an online presence / website they can use to verify your company information.

Category: Pricing FAQs

No you do not. Our banking partners allow for your bank account to be opened fully online providing you are from an approved country and have the following documents available.

– Your articles of incorporation
– Operating agreement
– EIN ax ID confirmation letter from the IRS
– Scanned copy of passport (from authorized country)
– A video verification of passport holder

Category: Pricing FAQs

In the event that your company cannot be formed, we offer 100% refunds.

Category: Pricing FAQs

No, for the ‘corporate kit’ and original documents to be shipped to you, you must select the ‘Standard Package’ or the ‘Premium Package’.

Category: Pricing FAQs

All prices are in $USD for both packages and recurring services.

Category: Pricing FAQs

We currently accept credit and debit cards via Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

Category: Pricing FAQs

The ‘Premium Package’ offers everything the ‘Standard Package’ offers, with expedited processing on the State level. This means we will fast track your company formation by paying the State an expedited processing fee.

Categories: Banking FAQs, Pricing FAQs

Our banking partners only allow for citizens of the following countries to open a U.S. business bank account in association with a U.S. company formed on our platform.

Note: we do not offer bank account referrals for setup without a company formation on our platform.

• Australia
• Brunei
• Belgium
• Canada
• Costa Rica
• Chile
• Czech Republic
• Denmark
• France
• Finland
• Germany
• Greece
• Holland
• Iceland
• Italy
• Ireland
• Indonesia
• Japan
• Malaysia
• New Zealand
• Norway
• Oman
• Portugal
• Peru
• Qatar
• Saudi Arabia
• South Africa
• Singapore
• Spain
• Sweden
• Thailand
• United Arab Emirates
• United Kingdom
• United States
• Uruguay
• Vietnam

Categories: Banking FAQs, Pricing FAQs

We work with a number of banks that provide banking services to non-residents. We match our clients up to specific banks depending on the business type, size, history and industry.

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