Silicon Valley South West? The Arizona Tech Scene Is No Mirage


We look at the tech companies and organizations that are heating things up in Arizona which is quickly becoming the tech capital of the Southwest.

Home of the Grand Canyon, Arizona is known for its extreme heat and desert climate. However, the temperature isn’t the only thing rising in the Copper State. The state’s tech community has been making large strides over the past couple of years, transforming Arizona into the perfect place for any app developer who doesn’t mind applying a liberal amount of sunblock.

For instance, between job growth forecast to double the average among cities in the U.S. and a 188% increase in tech jobs over the past year, Phoenix looks to become known just as much for its tech community as its multitude of resorts.

One major reason for Phoenix’s recent tech boom is the complete revamp of the city’s Warehouse District. Within two square miles of the area, 60 tech startups currently operate inside Galvanize’s technology campus. This is reflective of the city’s tech boom as, according to Mayor Greg Stanton, the number of tech companies operating in the downtown area has almost quadrupled over a five-year period.

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