The Top 10 US Cities for Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups in 2018

Whether you’re fresh out of college or considering a new opportunity elsewhere, chances are there’s a promising start-up near you—or if you prefer, thousands of miles away. Likewise, if you’re an entrepreneur looking to launch your own start-up, you’re no longer limited to Silicon Valley, the Silicon Prairie, or any of the other “Silicon” locales established a decade ago.

You can’t, however, just throw a dart at a US map and expect overnight success. The non-tech press tends to put forth the narrative that the entire country is in the middle of a constant start-up explosion—this isn’t necessarily true. Previous hotspots have cooled (though they’re no less vibrant), and new ones have popped up in unexpected areas (Denver, anyone?), but compiling a definitive list requires some number crunching.

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