6 Best Australian Cities to Live And Work Remotely

By Carolin Pilligrath

If you could choose to work from anywhere, where would you go? To a bustling city, a tranquil beach, a snow-capped mountain, a lush rainforest? Or maybe all of them? Welcome to the life of the digital nomad.

You may be surprised by the rapidly increasing amount of people calling their home their workplace. According to a survey published by Upwork, there were already 4.1 million people working as freelancers in Australia in 2015.

Some of these people sell everything they own and change their whole life to work entirely on the road, travelling 365 days a year. These people are what we call ‘digital nomads’ and they work from the best places around the country or overseas. Their place of work is location independent – they can work from a campervan, set up their laptops in a fantastic café or type emails from the beach.

Nomads are challenged not only by all the beautiful sights of the world they want to see first, but to balance productivity with play too.

In recent years, many shared workspaces have popped up all around the world, which help digital nomads get done what they set their minds to. These shared spaces are great to meet like-minded people to bounce around ideas, build a network or simply just share travel stories from the road with other digital nomads.

So are you ready to fall in love with life, work from your laptop with only need of a good Wifi connection while you see incredible places and travel wherever whenever you want to?

The six cities below are possibly some of the best suggestions for remote work, digital nomads and other people working from their laptop. Factors included are estimated cost of living, internet speed, existing coworking spaces and overall quality of life.

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