The 5 best places in Southeast Asia for digital nomads

By Jennifer Lachs

Are you interested in becoming a Digital Nomads Places, perhaps in Southeast Asia ? This piece is for you.

I’m writing this article at 10,968 meters above sea level, somewhere over Turkey. I’ve worked in some amazing places as a freelance writer during my time in Southeast Asia: from co-working spaces in Cambodia, to a foodie paradise in Malaysia and a beachside hammock in Thailand.

A couple of years ago this would’ve seemed like an unachievable dream to me. I studied chemistry at university, but decided to undergo a complete career change in order to pursue dreams of seeing the world. It wasn’t easy, but being a freelance travel writer has given me the freedom to do what I love full time.

Working freelance can be a lonely experience, even more so if you’re doing it from a strange country miles away from home. By working in a public space such as a café, hostel or co-working space I found I was able to stay on task and make friends at the same time. Here are some of my favourite spots I’ve worked from in Southeast Asia.

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