Obtaining venture capital in the U.S. market

Venture Capital

The U.S. has a treasure trove of investment capital for businesses

Obtaining venture capital in the U.S. market - For many tech startups, wherever they’re based across the globe, the U.S. is still a treasure trove of investment capital with thousands of fresh new businesses discovering opportunities for funding every single week.

So, what makes the U.S. such an attractive prospect? Why do non-resident business owners turn to America to seek out venture capital for their companies?

In truth, there are a wealth of answers to these questions, we’re going to look at five of the biggest reasons why the U.S. market is the most popular to obtain funding and venture capital for tech startups:

5 Reasons why the U.S. venture capital market makes sense

1. Access to bigger and better capital – The U.S. is one of the biggest economies in the world, and that money is reflected in the venture capital available to startups. By setting up your U.S. expansion, your business will be able to take advantage of a much bigger audience of investors, with VC funding for European startups breaking a new $60.9 billion record in 2021 for example.

2. U.S. venture capitalists love overseas startups – International startups have long been an attractive option for U.S.-based venture capitalists. Mostly this is because overseas startups tend to be less capital intensive and can often have access to cheaper and just as efficient labor markets for recruitment. Because of this, your start-up can be sure to enjoy a fair bit of attention.

3. Expanded tech expertise – America is home to one of the biggest tech scenes on the planet, with places like Silicon Valley in California effortlessly combining tech knowhow and business proficiency to create a hotbed of opportunity. Venture capitalists here can spot a good opportunity a mile off, and if yours catches their eye, they’ll be after you like a shot.

4. Increased materials for perfecting your pitch – Some of the best guidance, writing and educational material around for nailing your pitch is entirely focused on the US market. By targeting U.S. VCs, you can take advantage of that material, using the insights, knowledge and ideas of those who have come before to nail your pitch and bag the investment.

5. Combining the best of both worlds – Overseas startups often operate on a different model to their U.S. counterparts, adopting different approaches to things like growth, go-to-market strategies and more. By combining overseas startup sensibilities with American assertiveness, business can harness the expertise of both to attract funding that can help them go the distance.

The timing has never been better for international tech startups to make their move on the U.S. market – and all of that starts with opening a US C-corporation to open things up to venture capital investors.

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